Upgrade skills ...

Finance for non-finance Managers

'through an innovative interactive board game'

This training was organized by AMANATH Multi-purpose Co-operative Limited for its members in November 2019 just prior to outbreak of Covid-19 and was led by our lead trainer Mr. H.S. Abdul Jabbar, having 15 years of rich experience in such trainings. An innovative board game to simplify the accounting principles and concepts was introduced in that workshop for the first time. It was well received and appreciated by all participants across the board without any exception.

Upcoming Workshop: "Bookkeeping using an accounting software"

'a hands on training session for beginners'

We are launching another workshop for SME owners / managers on 'how to maintain books of accounts using an accounting software'. It will be an online workshop of two sessions of three hours each over two weekends to cater for busy SME owners / managers. Students are also welcome to register as it will enable them to leapfrog over others by getting hands on exposure in real time bookkeeping rather than theoretical aspect of it even before they qualify.

Learn Tamil through English

'through an innovative Total Physical Interactions (TPI) methodology'

As an adult, can we learn a second or third languge like a child learns his/her mother tongue? Some might say, "yes, it is possible" but some might argue that "no, it is not at all possible." The reality is "we all can learn any number of languages with proper effort and right guidance." Hence, we adopt an innovative Total Physical Interaction methodology to teach new vocabularies in a given context to start conversing in Tamil rather than asking to memorise a long list of words/vocabularies."

To experience our innovative sample lesson, visit our youtube channel